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All Happy Hour Info, Daily Free Drinks & Free Rewards!

Clink Up is coming to the app store soon (2021)! With our app you will be able to find any local Tampa happy hour and bar information while enjoying our daily free drinks and continuous free rewards!

Definition of the Phrase

"Clink Up"

“clink up” (phrase) - to express happiness and good wishes before drinking by raising glasses with each other and clinking them together.

 Example: “Clink up!” he shouted as he raised his glass and cheered with his friends before all taking a drink.

Simile: “cheers”

(“clink” – a sharp ringing sound, such as that made when glasses are struck.)

Benefits of Downloading Clink Up

As one of the most user friendly apps ever created, Clink Up will provide a completely free Tampa happy hour service with equally free rewards!

Whether it be the nightly free shot(s)/drink(s) offered at specific locations or a Clink Up silicone wristband or T-shirt, we will always find ways to give back to the Tampa Bay community for having fun and supporting our local Tampa bars.

The App With All Happy Hour Info

Have you ever been frustrated searching  “bars near me”, “happy hour near me”, or something similar only to go on an unwanted Google adventure when you just wanted a drink? Most times we get so tired of searching that we end up becoming regulars at “our” bars because we know what to expect.

Thankfully, Clink Up will have all of that information updated in one place! You’ll find this free app to be a must-have if you live in the area!

Clink Up Brand Storefront on Teespring

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